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Just one week after closing their doors on San Fernando, Romancing the Bean owner, Kerry Krull, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu.  It had seemed we had seen the last of the café, but Krull had other plans.  Her dream and passion for the culinary arts and the love of a fresh cup of roasted coffee pushed on.  A little over two years later, Romancing the Bean is back and more alive than ever. 


Krull spent months perfecting her menu and uses only the freshest organic ingredients she can find, including from local farmers markets.  To add a flare to her new space, Kerry called on her daughter, Kendra, whose design skills has transformed the café into a romantic setting featuring an old yet modern elegance.  With a hammer in hand, Kendra built the shelving units, painted the walls, and completely designed the newly reconstructed café that is Romancing the Bean.  When the doors opened, Kerry’s son, Ramsey, helped set up their computer system and filled in as barista until new employees were added. 


This café/coffee house is a southern California gem built on hard work, family, and love.  And family doesn’t just mean Kerry and her kids, the Romancing the Bean family has now grown to include three chefs, a number of baristas and servers, and of course the wonderful and supportive customers that followed the Krull family through their journey to become the Daily News Readers Favorite Choice "Coffee shop” 2013 and the Burbank Leader’s “Best of Burbank” 2013.

Groundwork Coffee 


To Groundwork, coffee isn’t “just coffee,” but something very special instead. Coffee has a story, one that connects us to farmers and growers all around the world.

Most of the coffees Groundwork sources come from “small holders” — farmers growing on lots of half-an-acre to three acres. The coffee cultivated on these farms is often a large investment for these growers and their families. As a result, it represents a substantial portion of their livelihoods. While coffee market prices may fluctuate, the real price of producing great specialty coffee is labor intensive and remains expensive even in down markets. Groundwork sources their coffees with these realities in mind.

Where they can, Groundwork purchases from farms certified sustainable by organizations like Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. In addition, they source coffee only from farms that are certified organic, which means they pay a premium for their coffee. In doing so, they hope to help their grower communities become economically sustainable enterprises and ensure that the profession of Coffee Grower is an attractive option for the next generation.

Farm to Table


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